Saturday, January 12, 2008

Over a Hundred Ways to say SAID

My daughter's third grade teacher (Hello Mrs. Patkochis!) presented a challenge to her budding third grade writers... "How many ways can you say said?" She said the winner of the challenge would win something very special. Both my daughters have inherited the writer's gene from me (poor things) so she came home very determined and quickly decided the one sheet of paper provided would not suffice. So, she started by reading books (Ahem... one of my own, thank you very much) and began compiling her list. Then she decided she needed to type this list out on the computer and consult a thesaurus and the Internet. Here is her list of over 150 synonyms for said... What words can you add?
1. accused 2. acknowledged 3. added 4. addressed 5. admitted
6. admonished 7. advised 8. advocated 9. affirmed 10. agreed
11. alleged 12. allowed 13. alluded 14. announced 15. answered
16. apologized 17. appealed 18. appeased 19. approved 20. argued
21. articulated 22. asked 23. asserted 24. assumed 25. assured
26. attested 27. avowed 28. babbled 29. baited 30. bantered
31. bargained 32. barked 33. bawled 34. began 35. begged
36. believed 37. belittled 38. bellowed 39. blubbered 40. blurted
41. blustered 42. boasted 43. boomed 44. bragged 45. breathed
46. broke in 47. brought forth 48. condescended 49. contested
50. continued 51. contradicted 52. contributed 53. cooed
54. counseled 55. countered 56. coughed 57. crabbed
58. cackled 59. cajoled 60. calculated 61. called 62. caroled
63. cautioned 64. challenged 65. craved 66. cracked
67. cried 68. criticized 69. croaked 70. cautioned
71. crooned 72. cross-examined 73. chanted 74. cursed 75. charged
76. chatted 77. chattered 78. cheered 79. chided 80. chipped in
81. chirped 82. choked 83. chortled 84. cited 85. claimed
86. coaxed 87. comforted 88.commanded 89. commented
90. communicated 91. complained 92. conceded 93. concluded
94. concurred 95. confessed 96. confided 97. confirmed
98. consented 99. consoled 100. droned 101. debated
102. decided 103. declared 104. decreed 105. delivered
106. defended 107. demanded 108. demurred 109. denied
110. denounced 111. described 112. determined 113. dictated
114. directed 115. disclaimed 116. discussed 117. disclosed
118. disrupted 119. divulged 120. echoed 121. elaborated
122. emphasized 123. enjoined 124. enjoyed 125. enumerated
126. equivocated 127. estimated 128. enunciated 129. exaggerated
130. exhorted 131. expiated 132. explained 133. exploded
134. exposed 135. expressed 136. faltered 137. foretold
138. gasped 139. giggled 140. groaned 141. interrupted
142. laughed 143. muttered 144. pleaded 145. proclaimed
146. questioned 147. replied 148. sang 149. screeched
150. sputtered 151. stated 152. summoned 153. teased
154. trilled 155. wavered

By the way, she was the winner! A free homework pass was awarded. Congratulations Madison and Amy for being runner-up. But mostly, congratulations to all the student's of Mrs. Patkochis' 3rd graders for thinking outside the box and to Mrs. Patkochis for making learning so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm the winner of the 100 ways 2say said. I got a No Homework Pass. This assignment was interseting. Who knew there were so many ways to say said?!


Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Dear Madison,
Way 2 Go!! And just think how many more words you would have come up with if you hadn't gotten tired!

ks, ks

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

omg! i love THAT! i love love love love PLAYING with words and i love love love the Thesaurus - I used to read it like it was an actual story! that would be one of my fav assignments right there - way to go Madison!!! :o)

Amy xoxox

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Madison's blushing away over here and through her red face she says, thank you Amy!

I was always intrigued by the thesaurus as a child too. As a teacher, Roget's was always on supply list for the students. And back then, the ones on your computer were not so hot. But now they're pretty good.

Here's a good online one to visit...

Anonymous said...

Yay Madison (and Amy too!) I am so proud of you both! This was a fun lesson and I'm glad that you took the challenge seriously! I can't wait to see you include some of these "instead of said" words in your own writing! The possibilities are endless! (Sheri- sorry it took me so long to log on to your's fabulous and I can't wait to have the kids check it out ASAP!)
Happy writing everyone!
Mrs. Patkochis :)

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Mrs. Patkochis,
Thank you for visiting my site! It was not only a great assignment, but an important one too. Writers really do use these words and try very hard to not say "said" all the time. To tell you the truth, "said" just doesn't say it all!
Happy writing to all of you budding authors out there!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this i am using it to write a fable in school, my teacher said if we didn't say "said" we would get more points so thanks again

Anonymous said...

Wow! Hey, you're smart! I, a 7th grader, wouldn't have been able to come up with 150 somethin ways to say said!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!

Hope you become a writer and get published! ;D

Søren said...

Wow, that's neat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madison
Thanks U rock
; ) :0 :( B ) B-(

Anonymous said...
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I just won my said competition!!
It where you pick out a word from the hat and I picked said!!! Then I said almost 190 words, I think this websites missing a few, I reminded. LOL

Anonymous said...

you guys are weird and funny
man that is a lot of ways to say said

Anonymous said...

HI! I am in the 6th grade, and i just got assigned the "said" competition too!! I went to google, and it brought me to this website. with this website and many others I got a lot of words!!!! I HOPE I WIN!

Unknown said...

wow, this activity seems quite popular!! I did this one in grade 3 too, and 6, and then again in grade eight now! its always fun to do this one, because there is always a ton of new words that you can include. i hope the prize is candy!!!!!! :) said...


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