Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleep - Dreaming and Wishing

She danced like flowers in the rain
tiny droplets of water fell all around her
she was spinning around and around
the black atmosphere seemed to become her

She was the night
hold me tight
she said in a tiny voice
she was three again in her yellow rain coat gear

She dodged every rain drop as they fell
as they danced around her feet
she was a child again holding her tiny doll in her hand so small
she was spinning around and around

She became the atmosphere all around her
with thousands of tiny stars in her hand falling,
she fell.


Jim D said...

A perfect last thing to read before going to sleep!

Thanks for sharing.

Jim D

Sheri said...

Ah, how sweet. And sweet dreams...

Sarah Hina said...

This is a great poem, Sheri. You perfectly captured that manic dizziness of childhood. Loved it.

Kids *do* have their own atmosphere, don't they?

And great site! I'm glad I finally got here. :)

Sheri said...

Thanks Sarah. I actually wrot eit when I was about 13 - 15. I just found it and still loved it.

“Personal limitation exists only in our ideas of who we are. Give up all notions of who you are and your limitations will vanish.”

- Anonymous