Sunday, March 9, 2008

We Interrupt this Dream and Excerpt Number II

The winds were howling last night as I sat in bed reading Harry Potter 4. I finally turned out my light to go to bed at around 12:30 am. At around 3:00 am I was suddenly very awake for no apparent reason. But as I sat there, listening to the wind, I heard my main character speaking to me. Don’t worry I am not psychotic. It’s a job hazards of being a writer. Right???

So I laid there in the dark listening and it was revolutionary. My main character was telling me about her father and uncle in the story and why they hated each other. I thought I knew why they hated one another, but as I listened, I learned there was much more to it then I realized. Afraid I would never remember all of this in the morning, I went downstairs, bleary eyed, toned down the brightness of my computer screen and got right to work.

I was done around 6 am. The house was still and dark and I was finally sleepy again. I had written a whole undiscovered chapter to my novel just like that. The experience was so surreal. I really don’t think I had anything to do with the words that flowed through me. I felt like a conduit for my main character. I have heard of this sort of thing happening to other writers. I have always hoped it would happen to me. I go to sleep each night and say, OK T. Come to me tonight and tell me more about your story, with the hopes that tonight will be the night I dream about it. But until last night, it has never happened. Only I didn’t dream about it. I was woken up.

It was an amazing experience. I hope it happens again and again.

So here is Excerpt Number II. Again, not wanting to give away too much about my novel…

He cleared his throat uncomfortably, not knowing what to do. I think he wished he had some words of wisdom to help Papa. I think he lingered because although he wanted to help, he didn’t know how. After all, his wife was still alive. They had been married for 40 years.

I brought my famous lemon meringue,” said Mrs. Laramie a little too cheerfully. She left her husband to place her pie next to all the other foods everyone brought. Maybe she thought she could bake words of wisdom into her pie.

No one could imagine what Papa needed at this moment. Not even me. Most of all not me. But I knew it wasn’t baked into some dessert or in anyone’s words of wisdom.

Happy writing everyone!
Sheri ks, ks


Jim D said...

I'm hoping for some of those writing dreams -- just let them come on a Friday or Saturday night so I don't have work the next day!

Jim D

Sheri said...

Yeah, as wonderful as it was, I was pretty much spent for the day!

Vicki Fourie said...

I hope this happens to me as well - that would be just lovely!


ChristineEldin said...

That's wonderful when that inspiration hits! Very good that you got it down, because I agree much of it would've been lost.

Great excerpt!

Sheri said...

Hey Vicki - thanks for visiting my blog! South Africa, aye? It is always so exciting to me to connect with people this way - people I would never ordinarily have the chance to meet.

Usually I hear sentences or a few fragment sentences and I have always wanted this dream-like experience. I hope it happens to you too because it was fun and exciting!

Hey Christine! Thanks! I always think in that sleepy realm, that because it is so important to then, that I will remember it, but am always disappointed when I can't.

Jeanne said...

According to many things I read, we are, indeed, the conduits of the electricity of creation of the Universe. It is why we are encouraged to be open ... so these wonderful pieces can come through us, rather than our struggling to make them come from somewhere. They're already there!


Sheri said...

I agree Jeanne. I agree. Now if I can just learn how to harness that energy...

Sara Latta said...

What a wonderful experience. So I have a question for you. With few exceptions, when I have these middle-of-the-night thoughts (granted, I don't get up and write them down as you did), when I write them down in the morning they never seem as earth-shattering in retrospect as they did when I was dreaming/half awake. In fact, sometimes I think, "what was I thinking?" Is it because I waited, and missed something important? I'd love to be able to capture that middle of the night creativity.

“Personal limitation exists only in our ideas of who we are. Give up all notions of who you are and your limitations will vanish.”

- Anonymous