Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Writing Buddy Goals Week Three

OK, so my writing buddy and I just couldn't seem to connect this week until this morning. So, finally, here are my goals for this week and the outcome of meeting my goals from last week...


But for good reasons...

First of all, I was stuck. I wasn't blocked. That is different. I was stuck.

Yes, I admit it, I still have Agent Guy's voice stuck in my head, but only because Agent Guy said something I had previously been fearing. So when he said it, my negative ego voice latched on and said, "See, I told you so!"

So I was stuck. I was stuck wondering if I need the fantasy element in my story or not. And in being stuck and in thinking too much, I became, well, "more stuck."

Then Chris Elden (hi Chris. I miss you!) said, enter Jason Evan's contest. It will get your juices flowing and you will be unstuck. So I did.

And my juices flowed.

They woke up a latent story in me I have wanted to write but was never ready to write about for years and years. And just like that, there was a picture of a motorcycle and the idea I had, became the beginning of my next novel and Sara, my new MC. So then I went from being stuck to confused...

Since I'm stuck on my WIP, maybe I should just begin my new story GPS???

But that was my ego again - that darn negative voice saying - "See, I told you you'd never finish that novel."

I stick my tongue out at that evil voice! *tongue protruding*

At long last, my writing buddy and I connected at 9 am this morning. I was ready. I spilled my guts, me fears, my worries, my "stuckness" and she listened. And then she had me talk it out. Tell her what happens from page 85 to the end. So I did. And you know what? It all came out. It flowed like water. See, I'm not stuck.

As Eckhart Tolle would say in The Power of Now, I am just stuck in my thinking mind and I need to get to my unthinking mind where art lives. (You know, that trance-like state we all go into when we are writing, or drawing, or whatevering...)

So just like that *ping* I'm unstuck.

Through talking it out with her I also realized this is where I stopped writing my animation script. I told her about that story and she was laughing really hard. She said, you stopped writing it at the same point as you are now. *light bulb* Yeah, I stopped that one at about this page count too. I knew the ending, but didn't know how to get from the second half of the middle to the ending and that is exactly where I am now.

Unfortunatley, Sara from GPS, I am onto you, creeping up on me, taunting me, teasing me with a new novel idea, distracting me with your story. It's a test.

Will I take it?

No. I will not.

I will finish my WIP and come back to Sara because she has been waiting for me all this time anyway and I know she will be there when I finish my WIP.

So my goals for this week...

  1. Write, in synopsis form, my story from page 85 to the end to remind me that I am not stuck. I know exactly where I am going.
  2. WRITE
  3. WRITE
  4. WRITE

Happy Writing Everyone!


Scott said...

You saved me from having to comment that new novel ideas are an advanced form of writers block. I'm so happy that you got back into your first idea and have vowed to finish it.

I've started something too and also got stuck, so I might pick up The Power of Now and see if that gets me going too. I decided to base the main character on someone that I know really well--me.

A writer friend of mine is going to help me brainstorm an important piece of the puzzle, but I think I might just have it anyway. My problem was that I got too convoluted in my plot and couldn't pull the pieces together.

Angie Frazier said...

I love writing buddies, they really do help me get unstuck too! I'm glad you were able to talk it out together. Your goals for this week to write, write, write is perfect. My WIP is at a "stuck" point too. :(

Sheri said...

Scott! That is so funny! It IS an advanced state of WB, isn't it! I never looked at it that way. Thanks for the once again, funny perspective.

I find Eckhart Tolle a little hard and dry to read. I feel like an idiot. I have to read everything slowly and several times, but once the message sinks in, it is a good one.

The Secret will be my next book of that genre to read. And then I will either go onto Harry Potter 6, or Milkweed...

I have a writing buddy, as you now know. We don't write together, but we brainstorm together weekly. We make each other accountable for our goals, and we talk things through when we are stuck. It isindispensible. Coupled with my writer's group... So I am so glad you also have someone to brainstorm things through with. Good luck with that!

Hey Angie! Don't you just hate the "stuck" part of the process?! But it is , unfortunately a part of the process. I sure do hate it when I am in that state though...

Sarah Hina said...

Go, Sheri! I'm glad you got past that speed bump, and are ready to go again. Good luck meeting those goals!

It's always nice to have something waiting for you when you're finished, though. And I love the MC's name. ;)

PJ Hoover said...

Great post, Sheri! I love your goals for the week ahead. Writing the synopsis out will really get things moving.
And I'll start The Power of Now... um... as soon as it comes via book rate from Virginia. Sigh.

Sheri said...

I know Sarah, how can you go wrong with a name like that? Sara is my Hebrew name... And I am so relieved that I already have an idea waiting just like you said.

Was it you PJ who talked about the pressure of book 2 after you've sold book 1???

Oh and thanks PJ. I feel GREAT! I wrote the synopsis chapter by chapter and I have it all laid out almost to the very end. I was on the last chapter as my friend pulled up my driveway dropping off my daughter from camp. But I feel really, really free now.

It's funny, I thought knowing the story in my head was enough. But it wasn't. I did after all need... an outline... Who knew!? Now I'm ready and I WILL finish. I know I will!!!

Thanks everyone. Your weekly support has helped me get over this bump more than you all know!

The Anti-Wife said...

It's good that you found a way to unstick yourself, but don't put GPS away forever. You have the start of a wonderful story there.

Sheri said...

Thanks anti. I will definitely not put it away forever. It has been living in a wrinkle of my brain for sometime now so I know it will have to come out for good sooner or later.

But I owe it to Tristan - my current MC - to finish her story first.

Thanks so much for your encouragment in GPS!

Beth said...

I'm into Tolle as well. I don't think about writing ever, I just do it.

I am always amazed to see people's picks for these contests (usually most never show them) because they are so far from mine with about 4 of their choices. I find that so odd and then I realize, no, my ego finds that odd.

Sarah Hina is my favorite to win and if I had to pick a non-fang entry it would be one of the last one #63, Chasing the Moon. I thought that was absolutely brilliant. Best last line ever in one of these.

Sheri said...

Yeah, I have to catch up now on all the last entries. I haven't read many of them yet.

Jeanne said...

Here's a thought on how OW (WIP) can have his cake and how Sarah can eat it, too. (Now there's a mixed metaphor for you - but you get what I mean!) Buy a small notebook and divide it into 2 parts; keep it with you at all times. Use one half to write notes, etc. for OW and the other to jot down ideas for Sarah that you will not review at this time. That way you can keep OW moving right along, and neatly put Sarah-related thoughts where you can find them later and where she will not currently intrude on your moving forward with OW.
Would that help?

JR's Thumbprints said...

One of my best writing practices is to read my stuff in front of a room full of convicted felons. Talk about brutal honesty. I've heard everything imaginable. As for their negative feedback, it doesn't bother me because I know I'm going home at the end of the day.

BernardL said...

Creating new stories is always a sure way out of writing doldrums.

Anonymous said...

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Sheri said...

Hey Jeanne, I already do something very similar. Yes, it will help. Thanks!

James, I guess I'll stick with my writer's group. I think I can handle their honesty more than a convicted felon! I don't know how you do what you do. You are very brave!

Bernard, I think you're right. It sure did get me writing again. But I like what Scott had to say that new ideas are an advanced form of writer’s block. I thought that was very astute!

Welcome Go-jaz, but I get the feeling you are not here for the content...

“Personal limitation exists only in our ideas of who we are. Give up all notions of who you are and your limitations will vanish.”

- Anonymous