Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I have a book-crush... ... ... OK, for my regular readers, I know it is really no surprise. But I have a book crush on Harry Potter. There! I said it. And I feel so much better getting it out in the open. *Sigh* I just love Harry. He's the true shining example of a hero's journey. He was not born a hero (that is debatable, really). He was made a hero. He disbelieved. He believed. He distrusted. He trusted. He faltered. He succeeded. He tried. He failed. He tried again. He feared. He was brave. He was everyone's best friend - well, at least in the reader's world. Maybe not so much among Slytherins or Death Eaters.

I am so inspired right now I feel like I could run a mile! I saw HP yesterday on opening day and it was (can I sound like a teenager for a minute) TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, to BE JK Rowling! To create something that becomes a thread forever sewn into our societal fabric! To leave your mark and change the world. To create characters that the young and (not so) old want to read about and watch again and again. To create something that fans line up to see for ten years or more. To create the emotive connections between readers and characters so that when the characters in your head are "brought to life" on the silver screen, we viewers feel we know them, miss them, understand what is not said. *Sigh* Oh, to be JK Rowling.

As you all know I, at first, was a reluctant Harry reader. I went in kicking and screaming and dragging my feet and came out head over heals in love with the series, the characters, the world, and most of all with JK. Can I say, I know we are not supposed to have idols but JK - you are my idol!

I left the theater thinking, I want to do that. I want to be like JK. I want to write something that changes the minds of readers forever. I want to create something so vivid, so luring, that you can't look away and you crave more, more, more!

I also realized, I believe the key to such success is you have to have a boy MC. See, girls will read about a girl or boy MC but boys will only read about a boy MC. So, in order to really be able to span across the markets, you need to have a boy MC. This is nothing new and earth shattering for those of us who have been busily pursing publication. We've always known this, perhaps. But I so solidly understood the full scope of it yesterday as I passed scads and scads of movie-goers lined up for the 7:00 show. They were young. They were teens. They were adults.... (BTW, Harry and the Half Blood broke all movie sale records from the midnight showing ALONE!!!!) *Sigh*

I decided I have a lot of work to do! Not only do I have to finish this draft, but I think I need to write, if not an entire version, perhaps key chapters from my other character's POV to beef up my boy element. Also, after I complete this draft, I need to begin thinking beyond this novel into my grander scope, broader arc of the series.

Sometimes, when I see someone like JK Rowling or Walt Disney, who began as an "unknown" and had an idea, a simple concept, and I see how their perseverance paid off, how they used their talents to effect the world in a positive way, I marvel at such people and the good we can accomplish. I think, how, if we are capable of creating such beauty, such awe, such ingenuity, how then, can we not solve starvation, war, pollution? How can we capture the butterflies of love's first kiss and still not be able to live peacefully.

RUN, don't walk! Go see Harry. If I could, I would have walked right out of the 4:20 showing to the end of the long, winding line for the 7:00 showing! It was THAT good.

Now, go! Write! Be inspired! Inspire others! Use your talents for good!


Amy Tate said...

Beautiful post Sheri! I feel your excitement all the way down here. You've got me craving popcorn too.

Sheri said...

Can you believe I didn't get any popcorn. I ALWAYS get popcorn. Here was my thinking; if I get popcorn, I will need a drink. And if I get a drink I will need to run to the bathroom... So, for the first time since... well EVER, I, Sheri Perl-Oshins did not get popcorn at a movie. Plus, I wanted to focus adn concentrate and do you know, I didn't even miss it. The movie was THAT good!

Jeanie W said...

I'm going to see it tomorrow. I can hardly wait!

Sheri said...

Oh, Jeanie, have a blast. I can't wait to see it again, actually! Check back in and let us know what you thought.

Casey McCormick said...

I can't wait to see it!!

I've banned myself from reading the books. For now. Whenever I do, it completely screws me up. My writing and my stories become complete trash and I'm insanely compelled to write something like HP.

Sheri said...

Casey, I know what you mean. I do the same thing. I go on Harry highs and Harry lows. I feel like, I want to do that. I CAN do that. And then I plummet to I CAN'T do that. I can't even do this. I quit!

I do feel like re-reading books 6 and 7 though but this time not for enjoyment but to analyze and pry and pick apart. I want to read it so I can answer things like... does Harry ever have a chapter with just him in it or without dialogue. Are there chapters where nothing happens other than speculation and observation... Because these things are in my novel and I want to know if JK ever did them. But then again, she can get away with a lot, can't she?!

Jeanne said...

Well, I was coming on over to tell you about NaBloPoMO (National Blog Posting Month), which originally started as a goof on NaNoWriMO), but even as I was opening your blog page, I KNEW there'd be something about Harry here. How? Because I just came from the movie! Of course you'd seen it already!
This has to be the best yet. Now I have lived Harry entirely through the movies with the exception of one of the earliest novels - and perhaps at some time, I, too, will go back and read them all. Right now - I'm just immersed in the mystery, danger, heroism, magic and visuals of it all - go Harry! and JK!

Sheri said...

Jeanne, the movie has nothing on the books. When you can, read them. Easpecially books 6 and 7.

Jeanne said...

I have no doubt about that! It's extremely rare that any movie made has been an improvement on the book. I'd like to read them all when I have the availability - somehow - of reading them in sequence and fairly close together. I know I would really enjoy that.

Kelly H-Y said...

Oh, I had missed this post somehow! I LOVED this review! We were supposed to go see it the day Braden got sick, so - obviously - we didn't go. I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!

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