Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Goals, Week Two

OK, It's time for weekly goals people! So, hop to it and post them in the comments section. How did this week go? Did you reach your goals or not? If so, bravo, keep up the good work, but if not, why? Let's talk it through and help one another.

Don't be shy? Who's first? OK, I'll go. My week was not so bright and shiny....

Novel Title: OW
Novel Draft: 1.6
Date: 7-20 -09

Goal: 1. To assess exactly how much time I need to complete this novel
2. To set up a schedule for next two weeks while kids are in camp.

a. this week – kids leave at 8:40. I will begin writing at 9 and then stop at 11:45 to pick them up from camp.

b. Absolutely no answering the telephone, making phone calls, checking email, writing email, checking my blog, checking my work email during these hours.

3. Send out next set of pages to my group for review by Monday.

4. Write at least 25 new pages this week – NEW pages, not revising previously written pages.

5. I am giving myself until Sept 20 to finish this novel once and for all. If I am not done by then, I am going to put it aside for a while and begin working on something new.

Actually Accomplished:
NOT MUCH! This was a very bad week. I was in a very low place and I allowed it to effect my work and cloud my judgment.

I re-read chapters I thought were well done and hated them. This sent me in a tailspin of doom and gloom – I’ll never be good enough, I’ll never finish, I might as well stop right now and admit defeat, start a new novel, etc. etc. etc.

It’s Monday morning and I’m still here, sitting at my desk ready to get to work on my WIP no more whining or bellyaching. Once and for all, just get to it!

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