Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Interupt My Study on S.A.D. To Bring You... When to Don a Tiara...

Kelly Hoeckeleberg-Young is quite hysterical. If you don't read her blog, start right after reading this posting! She had a really great link to Kristin VanOgtrop's blog Simply Stated about Julia Mancusco's tiara donning at the Olympics. So while you're traveling the blog-o-sphere be sure to stop by there and have a really good laugh. All this laughing just might cure me of S.A.D. after all. (Who needs a light box?)

So this brings up the topic of when to don a tiara? Here are my various lists...
  1. When I type the words THE END to my WIP
  2. When I sign on with an agent
  3. When I sell my book to a publisher
  4. When my book is sold to a movie producer
  5. When I walk the red carpet to view my movie

Here are some more practical times...

  1. Every time I pay off a credit card (my husband will get to wear one then, too)
  2. On the first day of summer vacation
  3. When I finally find a job that pays me well
  4. Anytime I remember to bring my coupons with me to the grocery store
  5. Anytime I find amazing sales
  6. Every September on the first day of school
  7. For all the times I clean the entire house from top to bottom (that comes with a glass of wine, too)
  8. When every stitch of laundry is done in the house

Times in the past I could have worn a tiara had I known this was a viable choice...

  1. Graduation from HS and college
  2. When I got married
  3. During the whole nine months of pregnancy (both times)
  4. After delivering both of my daughters
  5. When I was no longer "chapped" from nursing both my girls

But the number one time to don a tiara...

  1. Whenever you and your husband fight and you're right!

So don those tiaras ladies! It's the number one way to beat the winter blues.


beth said...

Tiaras are awesome...really, there's no WRONG time to wear them in my book!

Casey McCormick said...

Great list!

Someone please send me a tiara if I ever survive revision.

Kelly H-Y said...

You are so sweet! Thank you! And, YOU are the hilarious one ... oh my, your lists rock!!!

Sheri said...

Yes, I really need to get one now, Beth. My husband will come home from work and see me wearing it and say, let me guess? You got all the laundry done? You cleaned the house? You saved us money? No? What then? And I'll say, just because!

Casey, you just had a baby not too long ago, right? Well, you can wear one after potting training...

Kelly, I am not the originator so I really can't take credit. I was inspired by YOU!

Jeanne said...

I am definitely getting a tiara! And I agree with Beth -- tiaras are for just the joy of being alive and having a great day. Or .... maybe even MORE important if it's not so great a day!

Sheri said...

Yes! Tiaras are for every day!

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