Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ahhhhh.... Spring.

It's really here. It really, truly is. Flowers have pushed their way up through the ground, birds are nesting, goslings are waddling. Ahhhhh Spring. And I have also thawed. It's amazing how I am so affected by the seasons and how more lively I feel in the spring, summer, and fall.

Today, was still busy and crazed with running around but it was all okay. Better then okay, in fact. Em had a friend sleep over and I was actually up for it. Maybe even looking forward to it. I even took them to the mall and didn't mind one bit. David got the pool running and sparkling clean and then she asked if her friend could come over again to swim. Sure! Why not?

I made dinner and sat outside in our Adirondack chair as the chicken sizzled on the BBQ and it was all good.

So what about you? Are you feeling lighter, happier, more able to deal with things now that spring has officially sprung?

On another note... The NJ SCBWI Juner is coming up. Pages and a synopsis were due a week or so ago. I met the deadline goal with literally minutes to spare... Ahhhh... it felt soooooooo good to write again. I've begun a brandy-new novel. It's a sci-fi. *shudder to think* As a kid I hated sci-fi. As an adult I like the kind that is a social commentary, a study on life with a what if spin. That is the kind of sci-fi I am writing and so far, I am loving it. Love my MC, my secondary characters, the plot, the antagonist, the twist... It just all feels so good.

My first novel was well... my first novel. Duh... But I just mean it was more then just trying to figure out what I wanted to say. I also had to figure out how to say it. I will come back to that novel and do another draft but first a first draft on this one. I still need a better title but that will come. Right now it's 2020. A double entendre.

So, happy warmer weather everyone and may your days be filled with flowers and robins.


Rebecca said...

Yes, spring effects me much the same way. Yesterday I was thrilled to see that the baby robins in the nest out back have hatched!

I enjoy speculative sci-fi too. Good luck with your novel!

Jeanie W said...

Ooh, I like speculative sci-fi too. Is this to be middle grade again?

Amy Tate said...

Oh yes! I've never been more ready for spring. This past winter was the worst one I can remember. Good things are ahead!

Kelly H-Y said...

YAY for spring!! Glad you're enjoying the warmer days and outdoors1

Sheri said...

Wow! It's been too long. My apologies...

Yes, Becky and Jeannie, looks like sci-fi it is. My mother is probably guffawing with laughter from beyond. As a kid I said I HATED sci-fi. But I think when I was a kid sci-fi really was for boy readers.

My MC is a 17 year old girl and it's not middle grade this time but YA. Yikes! I haven’t gotten very far, My daughter's Bat Mitzvah and chairing some facets of the NJ SCBWI June Conference have sucked up all my "spare" (ha, ha) time. I will be happy and care-free come June 13 and ready and eager to get back in to my writing.

Amy, so how are you liking late spring? It's been so beautiful. If it weren't for my extended family, I would move to your neck of the woods! I really thrive this time of year.

How about you Kelly? You enjoying the weather by you?

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!!

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