Monday, September 1, 2008

The Best of Summer '08

With a flick of the maestro’s wand,
Summer has come and summer is gone

And with it,
Came its sweetness:

A friends’ book upon a shelf,
Honey and nectar,

The baby doe grazing in our field,

The painted lady upon a purple bloom,
Busy bee, whistling whilst he works.
And the wind playfully stroking the grasses.
They bend. They harken.
They surely reach the sky,
And they whisper a lullaby – for summer soon will vanish,
Like the colors,
Like the flowers,

Like the sandcastles,
Taken back to the sea’s murky depths.
And you there,
beneath the cool water,
How did you learn to swim like a fish?

Red toes will soon become hidden
And crammed into
New and tight school shoes.

Yellow flowers will tarnish and fade.

And you all will be missed,
The blue sky,
the sand, the surf.

We will tuck a memory in an envelop,
And during the somber depths of winter,
We will visit you once again,
And dream,
And wait,
And wonder.
But for now,
The blazing summer sun is about to set

And flashes of your bright and green days
Will whip through our memories,
Like trees and brush,
From my speeding car window.

Good-bye Summer 2008.
It has been wonderful. It has been great!

Hello Autumn. I remember you...
Cool and fresh
Like a crisp red apple,
And the cinnamon scent
Of pumpkin pie.

Enjoy what's left of summer, my bloggy friends!
And join in one of summer's last activities with my daughters, husband and I.
Take a beloved summer memory...
It can be a photo, a drawing, a pressed flower, a seashell...
And tuck it in a sealed envelop.
Do not tell anyone what your summer treasure is.
And in February, during a bleak and dark winter's day,
take out your treasure and share it with your loved ones
and brighten your winter day...


Gottawrite Girl said...

Hidden pedicures. So sad. Fall is on it's way...

PJ Hoover said...

I LOVE this idea, Sheri! And I love Fall! It's my favorite season of the year! pumpkin seeds. Cool Breezes.
Can't wait!

Sheri said...

Gottawrite - I know. I still have a gift certif to a nearby spa. I can't decide... close the summer out with one last pedi, or say hello to autumn with a sumptuous massage. Oh the decisions...

PJ - do you get much of a fall in your part of Tx? I love fall too. It is one of my favorite and here, where I live, people come from all over to see the leaves turn color. It is quite spectacular!

Danette Haworth said...

Oh, this was good. The right touch of melancholia for the last vestiges of summer. (I also love the photo of the deer, oh, and the pic of Violet Raines!)

Sheri said...

Thank Danette! The doe drove my dogs crazy all summer. She was so sweet. She would curl up in a little ball and just sit in our grass. The dogs hated it! Oh and I couldn't resist putting a picture of Violet Raines. Seeing your book on the shelf was a highlight of my summer!

The Anti-Wife said...

Gorgeous photos and wonderful idea for those dark days of winter.

Angie Frazier said...

Lovely post! It spoke to all my feelings of sadness over the passing summer, and the excitement about fall and the holidays!

Amy Tate said...

Oh how wonderful! I just love that idea. I will do that with my children tonight, and we'll pull it out on the first snow day. What wonderful photos too!

Sheri said...

Thanks Antiwife! (Now all I have to do is remember I have all the envelopes!)

Thanks Angie - I know, I am so sad to see summer go. However, it is lovely today in a very peaceful home. Just that little bit of quiet time can do a soul wonders!

Thanks Amy - maybe we can all have a reveal day, when we all open our favorite piece of summer... And thanks for the compliment on the photos. I love my digital camera!

Sorry I haven't been around to all your blogs. The end of the summer was such a busy blur. But I plan on visiting all of you this week and next!

Lapillus said...

Beautiful post and what a neat idea! I'll have to figure out what to put in my envelope. I usually get down in February and/or March.

Sheri said...

Me too, Lapillus. The no-sunlight really affects me. Last winter I kept myself super busy and it really helped me fight those winter doldrums.

cindy said...

love the fotos--so evocative of summer!

Sheri said...

Thanks Cindy. At least my pictures don't make you drool like your photos do! I gain 5 lbs every time I visit your site!

Sarah Hina said...

My favorite post of yours ever, Sheri!! I just loved the beautiful photos, the lovely sentiment, and the wonderful idea to preserve a part of summer for cold, cruel winter.

So I just want to go outside (with camera) and capture every moment I still can. And tuck one of them away for later. :)

Thanks for this!!

Sheri said...

Wow! Thank you so much Sarah! I am touched that you liked my post and photos so much and that I've inspired you to capture the remaining beauties of summer. Enjoy!

cindy said...

sheri, haha! you'll enjoy the latest entry! =p~

Sheri said...

On no Cindy... maybe I should drink a slimfast first...

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