Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm a little freaked out guys! I didn't get to write yesterday or today. I was 1,000 words or so ahead, but now I am 2334 words behind! I know I said I went into this not worrying about the word count, but then I fell in love with the word count and with having a clear goal. Now, I'm off that goal and I'm freaked.

Yesterday my kids had a half day. I worked in the morning and went grocery shopping in the afternoon. My one daughter had a friend over in the late afternoon, who then stayed for dinner and didn't go home until 8 pm. So, to occupy my other daughter, she and I baked cookies together and other stuff.

Then, I was completely taken over with watching who our next president would be on TV, that before I knew it, it was 12:30 am, we had elected the first black president, and the day was done without having written a word.

Today, my kids were home from school (they're home again tomorrow and Friday). I had conferences for my middle schooler to attend this afternoon. It was amazing! Usually, there are some concerns brought up at her conferences, but I just about welled up with tears. Every single teacher told me what an amazing daughter I am raising, how hard-working she is, how respectful she is, how conscientious of others she is. And they all made a point to say to me, "Good job, Mom. You're doing a terrific job raising your daughter." I seriously almost cried twice! So, instead of coming home, we went out and celebrated. (Oh but first we went to the orthodontist...)

We don't live by any shopping malls, so we don't often go, but we went tonight; that's how she wanted to celebrate. I allowed her to buy a few things she's needed and wanted for a while now and then we went out to dinner and just had a great, relaxing time together with my girls and one of their friends. We just got home from our little escapade a little while ago and it's already 10:40 pm. I need to force myself to go to bed now so I can face a room full of three-year olds tomorrow morning at the preschool.

So, two days have passed me by and not a word written. Tomorrow, it's back to preschool. My one daughter will have a friend over in the afternoon when I get home from work (They're coming to the preschool with me. They are so excited and can't wait to be with the kiddies).

Oh one cool thing I finally figured out... Headphones and white noise. All these years, I could never work when my kids were home because I could hear the TV, or their IPods, or whatever they were doing to occupy themselves. But yesterday during the "play date" (even though in middle school they don't call it that anymore...) I had a brainstorm. I went to YouTube and listened to white noise on headphones. It worked like a charm!

Anyway, tomorrow I will need to try to write 4,000 to catch up for past two days. That's life, I know, and my girls will always come first, so... tomorrow I will just have to make up for it. Until then, wish me luck!


beth said...

You can do it! And if it seems like catching up all at once won't do the trick and is too overwhelming, why not just re-adjust your schedule--redivide the left over words into the remaining days.

Either way, just keep writing!

Sheri said...

OMG, Beth! You're right. I feel so silly! DUH!!!! Thanks for pointing that out! I can divide it up between now and even include the weekend. Then, I will def. catch up. PHEW! I feel so much better. I don't know why I didn't think about that...

Amy Tate said...

Hanging in the balance - those are the toughest days. I'm constantly juggling writing and kids. But you know, our children are going to grow up and when your daughter looks back at how her Mom took her shopping, it won't matter how many words you wrote that day. Those are the moments you live for. And we have to work those in because without them, what's the purpose in writing?

Jeanie W said...

There aren't enough hours in the day. Maybe the new administration could add a few. That'd fix a lot of the problems Americans are grappling with.

PJ Hoover said...

You are doing great! And yes, enjoy the time with the kids. It's precious.

Lapillus said...

You can do it Sheri! Just divide up the 4,000 words over the next week or so and add it to your daily goal until you're caught back up.

We're bound to have these days. I didn't write hardly anything yesterday, and yes, the kiddos always come first!

Hope you have a great writing day tomorrow!

Gottawrite Girl said...

White noise is gooood. : )

Write on, Sheri!

Erin Maher said...

I feel so much better, because I am in the same boat; behind, written nothing for two days. Funnily enough, yesterday it was because I spent the day with my Mom in shopping malls, helping her find a dress for an upcoming Christmas party.

Good luck! :)

(Ps. This NaNo business is crazy, but exhilarating! I never expected it!)

Rebecca said...


Congrats on the good news at conferences! That's always a reason to celebrate. And no more freaking out aloud. Of course being a mom will get in the way of our writing goals now and then. Just keep moving forward and you'll be fine.

You go girl!

cindy said...

don't worry, sheri! remember, the point is to develop a good writing routine. and you're doing great!!

Sheri said...

Thanks everyone! It is so great when I am feeling low, to come here and read how you're all cheering me on. Yesterday I wrote a bit over 1500 words, but I didn't post it because I didn't have time. Hopefully I will catch yo all up today.

Hope you are all doing well in reaching your NaNo goals too!

Thanks again!

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