Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaNo Day 19

NaNoWriMo Day 19 Word Count

Goal: 2500 words

Actual: 2696 words

Total Word Count: 26,690

Downside: So far not liking my chapter 15 at all. might delete it tomorrow

Highlight: LOVE my chapters 13 and 14. AND... I'm over the mid-way hump and now on the other side of the novel mountain!!!


Gottawrite Girl said...

Sheri, yaye for your dilligence! And who cares about little old chapter 15... your big-picture success is stellar!

Lapillus said...

Congrats on passing the halfway mark! You're doing great on your daily goals!

Sheri said...

Thanks Susan and Casey!

It feels great to be on the other side and for my "percentage complete" number to be larger than my "percetnage remaining." Like a seesaw, the weight has been shifted!

See ya all tomorrow with my new word count!!!

Hope you're all doing well on your end too!

Barrie said...

That is so impressive!

Sheri said...

Thanks, Barrie!

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