Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Linky Love and Other News

Take these stairs to the Blog-o-Sphere!

I must spread some linky love to my good friend and top-notch critiquer, Laurie Wallmark. She has just joined the blog-o-sphere. Welcome, Laurie! She also has a great new website (- well, it's new to me! Is it new, Laurie? Come to think of it, maybe I have seen it before...)

What can I say about my writing buddy, Laurie... Well, she is amazing! With so many balls to juggle, she does it so well. Not only is she a writer in my writer's group, one of the facilitators of the Hunterdon County Children's Writer's Group, but she is also Assistant Regional Advisor of the NJ chapter for SCBWI. When I say she is a wealth of information, I meant it! And boy does she give a great critique. I used to think I was Queen of Grammar until I met Laurie. I promptly took off my false crown and donned Laurie's head instead. (Besides, she looks so much cuter in it!) So, check her out folks! And be sure to do it at least weekly as she has information on editors, agents, and the ins and outs of writing for children.

Is that Light at the End of the Tunnel I see?

Or do I see dead people... No, no, no, that's a different blog article altogether.... It's definitely light.

Since I went from being a student to a teacher, I have always had summers off, so to me, a new year begins in the fall, not in January. I often confuse people - OK my husband in particular - when I say 'this year' and I am including this past fall... To me, that's still THIS YEAR. So, now that we've come to an understanding about my wacky perception, let's move on, shall we?

THIS YEAR, I thought I would NEVER make it to June! I was teaching preschool two mornings a week, writing a blog on greenifying your home, writing real estate copy (as I've done for three years now), substitute teaching, writing my WIP middle grade novel, being a mom, house keeper, yada, yada, yada.... So, understandably, I had my doubts.

Well, I gave up the substitute teaching pretty soon in the SCHOOL YEAR. And sadly, my blog on greening come to an end (hopefully temporarily) due to this economy. (That was an excellent monthly gig for a freelance writer!) And so I was left with preschool, real estate copy, writing my WIP, and all the rest of motherly/womanly responsibilities.

At times I thought I would buckle under the pressure. I spent many nights up until 2 am so I could meet my real estate copy deadlines and still go to the preschool job early the next morning. Several tearful nights with hubby, I claimed I would quit one job or the other. But each new day I talked myself out of it seeing the pros each job had to offer - preschool - a steady paycheck and camaraderie with other adults, real estate copy - keeping my writing skills sharpened and meeting deadlines.

And now here I am at the home stretch! I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. Summer's just around the corner, school's almost done for the YEAR, my copy writing is coming to a simmer, and I am filled with so many emotions.
  1. PROUD - Is it OK to say you're proud of yourself? Well, I am. Seriously, I never thought I could get through this year. True, I didn't finish my novel (YET!) and I had that deadline set and moved several times, but still, I accomplished an insane schedule and survived. Plus, on top of all of that, I participated in NANOWRIMO and reached something like 43,000 - 45,000 words in one month.
  2. MOTIVATED - the summer's coming, my preschool job will be on summer break, my kids are eager and excited to start their various summer camps and I VOW I WILL finish my novel THIS SUMMER!
  3. TIRED - OK, I am exhausted but it's a good kind of exhaustion. The kind that says you're alive and able to do something you didn't think you could.

Let's discuss... Was there some tough obstacle THIS YEAR you didn't think you could survive but did?


Casey said...

You're doing fabulous, Sheri! And you have every right to be proud of yourself. I probably would have buckled long ago.

I've added Laurie to my subscription list. Thanks for the suggestion!

Sheri said...

Hey, Casey and thanks for your support! You were definitely one of the people who inspired me this year!

PJ Hoover said...

I think you did great. And it's totally OK to feel proud of yourself! You need to be your number one cheerleader!

Jeanie W said...

Sounds as if you've accomplished a lot this year - especially if you've done all those writerly things and still have a healthy, intact family. Well done, Sheri! I'm sure you'll have that first draft of your novel done soon.

Kelly H-Y said...

You bet it's OK to say you're proud of yourself ... you've been juggling so many balls ... and keeping them all up in the air! Way to go! Congrats on your accomplishments this year ... and those to come this summer when you finish your novel! :-)

beth said...

LOL! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who measures years by school years!!! :)

Good luck with keeping all your balls in the air!

Rebecca said...

Sheri, I'm happy to say that I (not just my kids) am on summer break now! As an elementary school para, I see the "year" the same way as you. Maybe now that summer's here I will get some serious writing done.

I LOVE that photo of the stairs. It makes me want to climb them just to see where they lead. I'll go check out your friend's blog now!

Sheri said...

Jeanie, I see you've changed your avatar. Another great orignal work by our one and only, Jeanie! And thanks for the vote of confidence! I think I truly will finish it this summer too. This has been a big year of self-discovery for me as a writer.

Thanks, Kelly! I love having a cheerleading squad behind me, too! It feels great to have your support.

Yeah, Beth, I knew you'd get it! Sept - June is a year! Duh!!! July and August are like non-time time.

That's right, Becky, you're in the school system now too. It's so funny how to me Jan - Jan really means nothing. We (at least I) learn from Sept to June. That's just what I've done my whole life... Thanks on the compliments on my photograph. This photo was taken on Amelia Island in Florida at a fort. I can't recall the name right now... but the stairs lead to the roof where I think the cannons were - if I remember correctly - and from there you could see Georgia. The brick work in this building was truly beautiful and the bricks came from the "Yankees" as they liked to tell us (New Jersians).

Amy Tate said...

Oh Sheri, I knew you were burning the the candle at both ends, but I had no idea that the wick was so short! Oh my goodness! You deserve a vacation, girl. I'm proud to know ya.

Sheri said...

Thanks, Amy! You put it so well - my wick is almost completely burned out. I DO need a vacation! Thanks for also being one of my cheerleaders!

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