Monday, March 30, 2009

Where has the Time Gone? And a Fabulous Must Read

So sorry for my long absence. I haven't been here... I haven't been to your blogs... I disappeared from the blog-o-sphere. What's my story? Well, although the real estate market has not improved as far as the buying end, the listing end is as busy as ever. As I always say... For Sale signs pop up like daisies in the spring. And popping they are!

The other copy writer is on maternity, so I am covering her territory as well. AND... I never thought I'd make it this long in my preschool job, but here I am at the home stretch! I am proud of myself but I am being stretched as far as I can (and I am pretty limber). It is the thought of a springtime respite that is getting me through and receiving some very positive feedback on my last chapters submitted to my group for critique.

OK, enough about that... Schooled by Gordon Korman is the BEST book I've read, hands down, in a long time! (I'm onto Savvy now). OK, I know I just said that about Eggs by Jerry Spinelli, but this book is unique, fresh, and so cleverly written, I COULD NOT STOP READING IT. Each chapter moves the story forward but told from another character's POV.

My youngest picked it up at the book fair in school and said, Mommy, listen to this first page.

I was hooked!

I said, Let me see that, and never gave it back. (Sorry honey... you can have it back now.) Maybe it's my quasi hippie up-bringing, maybe it's that I am a '60s baby, maybe because I love rock-n-roll... but whatever the reason, this is your next MUST READ.

Kormon has written, something ridiculous like, 50 books! That's amazing to me. In this book, Capricorn (BTW, that's my sign) Anderson, is the most unusual middle schooler. Raised on the last remaining hippie compound... but today folks, not in the '60s... he is a total throw back to Peace, Love, and Understanding, when a semi-tragedy strikes throwing this home-schooled hippie into Cleaverage Middle School (nicknamed C-Average). As a total joke, he is voted class president. But, the jokes on the in-crowd as Capricorn's non-violent, insightful views, and unique visions slowly change C-Average, the students, and maybe even the teachers.

I loved Capricorn Anderson, felt I knew him, and didn't want the story to end. GO, NOW. Run, don't walk, and buy Schooled. You won't regret it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Favorite Vacation Destinations and The Scholastic Book Fair

LOOK! My elementary school is having their annual Scholastic book fair and plastered to the lunch room doors was this poster. Do you see what I see?
Danette Hayworth's Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning is featured on the POSTER! Hot dog! Way to go Danette!
Here it is again on the book shelf. I heard they were flying off the shelf and my daughters were bragging, "My mom has a signed copy and "knows" the writer." Funny how blogging with someone constitutes "knowing" these days. But I must admit, I do feel I "know" you guys. We all share the same desire - to be a viable children's author - and when I see a book on the shelf written by one of us, I feel a tremendous sense of pride, a lifted spirit, and that dreams really do come true!

Now shifting gears for a moment...
So sorry for my long disappearance. The spring is a busy time for my freelance writing, so I might be MIA for long jaunts here and there. But not to worry, I am doing fine.

Here's what I'd like to discuss - it's not about writing, sorry for that. I always swore I would keep my blogging focused on my original intention, but this is a burning question and I just need to know!

What is your favorite family vacation destination?
My family and I are trying to plan a trip. It is staggering the amount of info on the web and so hard to discern so I thought with spring and summer breaks looming, this could be a good topic for us to discuss. Where is your favorite family vacation and why? I would love to go to some tropical beach but with all the recent dangers of traveling to Mexico, tourists being held hostage, and the movie TAKEN I just saw, I must admit, I have become a bit of a traveling baby and would prefer to keep it in the USA. Any ideas??? Any suggestions???
“Personal limitation exists only in our ideas of who we are. Give up all notions of who you are and your limitations will vanish.”

- Anonymous