Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hey Everyone, CHECK IT OUT!

My facilitators and I have formed a new blog! It is for, but not limited to, the writers of the Hunterdon County Children's Writer's Group.

I formed this group about 10 months ago when looking to join a writer's group and could not find one.

But I couldn't run the Hunterdon County Children's Writer's Group alone! We have about 40 members and 6 talented and dedicated facilitators who all run their own smaller groups, focusing on writing and illustrating for children.

It is a brand-new baby blog, so check it out. And please visit us often.

But I have to share...
Have you ever done something, you, at first, were terrified to do, but then you were so grateful you did? Forming this group is that thing for me. Without sounding too egotistical, I have to say, I am really proud of myself for the formation of HCCWG. I did something I thought I could never do.

In my last posting, I talked about listening to the Universe and walking through open doors. Well, forming this group was one of the initial doors that opened for me after joining SCBWI. And it had HUGE pay-offs. Once I made that first scary step, so many other things started to happen. Not to mention all the souls that it brought to my life that I needed to know and who needed to know me.

Now here I am ten months later, running this group, with the help of my wonderful facilitators, meeting with wonderful writers almost weekly, and blogging! Now that's something ELSE I thought I would NEVER do!! I didn't even know what a blog was and why one would need one. Now, I am addicted! I think I have a problem. Is there a Blogger's Anonymous, or a 12-step program for me to join? Like, right now, for instance, I should be making dinner for my family, but, instead, here I am blogging! I need to set my priorities!

Anyway, I want to hear from you! What are you proud of? What was a door that opened for you, that you might have been scared to step through at first, but now you are so happy you did? Let's discuss!

ks, ks


Dawn Buthorn said...

Hi Sheri-love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine too!
Have you published any books yet? What type of children's book are you currently working on?

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Hey Dawn! Welcome and thank you for the compliment.

I am not published yet, but seriously shopping. I quit my "day job" two years ago and really this year, I am working at being a professional writer full force. Two things about being published... 1.) it is only a matter of time for anyone who puts for the will, determination, and hard work, and 2.) on the other hand, it cannot be your only measure of success. You have to be the one who is ultimately happy with your work and what you do. When you are happy, more happiness will follow.

I dabble in picture books, but novel writing is my true love. I am currently working on a middle grade novel that I have shown an editor, who was very supportive and eager to read more of.

Have you been published? What kind of books do you write?

PJ Hoover said...

You know, I love the idea of being proud of something you've done and being able to admit you are proud of yourself. Why is it we're raised in a society where we have to diminish our accomplishments so we don't look braggy.
My husband constantly tells me I need a longer arm so I can pat myself on the back. But you know, the more you talk about what you've done, the more you will do in the future. Accomplishment is addictive.
Ok, I'd tell you what I'm proud of myself for, but people would have to scroll down to much to see other's comments! :)

Congrats to you on forming the group! I will definitely check out the blog. And even bigger congrats that you were terrified to do it but did it anyway. This is such a great thing. Learning to not be afraid to try something.

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Oh PJ, thanks so much! And you're so right. Society teaches us that being proud is a bad thing. But it's actually quite necessary in order to live a happy, fulfilled life, right?

And give me one thing, one thing you’re proud of PJ. Come on, don't make me beg!

PJ Hoover said...

OK, you asked!

Tiling 2000 square feet in my house (but don't tell my husband I mentioned it - he gets sick of hearing how he was out playing golf while I was home tiling).

Fixing random things around the house (like the exercise bike, treadmill, microwave, VCR).

Writing four novels (and partway though the fifth).

OK, and so I don't sound like I'm nothing but a bragger, how about losing twenty pounds, putting it on again, losing it again, putting it on again, ...


Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

WOW! PJ I am impressed! I could never do half of those things! Ok most of those things...

Maybe you can help me reach the finish line to my first novel with some tools of the trade. I have been stuck on chapter 5 for two weeks now. Once I began this version, the other four flew. I was on fire. Today, I did feel much better about chapter five. Actually after i read your post about you having a good night last night. Finally, my MC's voice started coming back,but I feel like I am dragging deadweight as I am writing lately.

Any tips of the trade to offer a newbie like me???

Are all four of your novels published? If so, is the fifth one already promised to the same publisher? And not to now sound like an interview, do you have an agent?

Laura Ruby read the first three chapters of an earlier version of my novel and was very supportive. She wants me to hurry up and finish (if she even still remembers at this point - that was June...) so she can introduce me to her agent. I want to just race down the writing road, but some how my brakes always come on at the WORST possible time!!!

PJ Hoover said...

Cracks me up on the dead weight because that's exactly how I felt the night before last. But for me, I just try to get something down on the first draft. If it's salvageable, all the better!
My trilogy sold to Blooming Tree Press (no agent). My fourth book is totally separate and I am querying it now. I'm really hoping for an agent this time around. As I think about writing as a career, it would be great to have someone to guide me and be a total advocate. And the fifth is the second in the new series.
That's huge that you have someone who wants to introduce you to her agent! Huge! So much comes down to connections in life.
See ya!

Jim Danielson said...

Sounds like your book impressed Laura Ruby! (who I've met -- we're both from Illinois -- but she probably has little or no recognition of it)

Oh, and PJ , be proud of the tiling, but out of curiousity what was your hubby's golf score that day?? (just kidding)

Jim D

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Hey Jim,
Thanks for stopping by. I blushed when I read your comment. I sometimes forget when you are writing to one person here in blogland, you are writing to hundreds. I hope Laura remembers me. I met her through SCBWI and she was truly lovely. So friendly and encouraging. I walked away from my one-on-one with her like I was on clouds. But I fear it is just taking me too long and by the time I finish she will be like, who are you again???

“Personal limitation exists only in our ideas of who we are. Give up all notions of who you are and your limitations will vanish.”

- Anonymous